Two exhibitions of photography about rural Romania, supported by EquiLife Association

During December 21st 2013 – January 20th 2014, two amazing exhibitions of photography, supported by EquiLife Association, which celebrate the extraordinary particularities of our country received their public:

  • “Romania, People & Places”, the personal exhibition with sale, by Sorin Onișor, also called “The Romanian Village Photographer”, at the National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa” in Bucharest.
  • “Marea Hoinareală, the 3rd Edition”, where Sorin Onișor, Bogdan Comănescu and over 80 professional, semi-professional and amateur photographers exhibited, at The Romanian Peasant’s Club in Bucharest.

During the vernissage of the exhibition “Romania, People & Places”, Sorin Onișor spoke about his artistic career, about what rural photography means to him and about the best 100 of his works that have been exposed for this event. Being an exhibition with sale, the visitors who bought works of the photographer have had the opportunity to receive them signed by the author. The money collected were used to help 10 families that the artist has been caring for in the past few years. At the vernissage were present around 150 people that admired Sorin Onișor’s photographs. “To me, home means anywhere in Romania. This exhibition is about being home, about my home and that of the many Romanians that are watching these images”, said the artist photographer Sorin Onișor.

The vernissage of “Marea Hoinareală, the 3rd Edition” exhibition was honored by a numerous public. The Romanian Peasant’s Club could barely host everone. “Marea Hoinareală” is a nomadic exhibition concept dedicated to Romania, which has already become traditional on the national artistic scene, each edition gathering an increasingly higher number of new works that have been created by artists that have joined the photography workshops held by the famous artist Sorin Onișor and Bogdan Comănescu. These workshops have always offered a come-back to the Romanian reality, to natural gestures, to simple happiness. All these, looked at through the lens of a camera, have inspired the young photographers and attracted them towards the rediscovery of the authentic Romania.

The vernissage of “Marea Hoinareală, the 3rd Edition” exhibition had as special guest the artist Mihai Mărgineanu.

The portraits, the landscapes, but also the illustration about the Romanian rural life that have been surprised in the photographic creations of Sorin Onisor, have an outstanding power to enrich spiritually. We are pleased that, together with the EquiLife Association, we have the opportunity to support such impressive projects that promote the Romanian art, customs and charitable actions altogether, thus contributing to the harmonious development of the individual in its complexity.” – said Gabriela Grigori, Vice-President of EquiLife Association.


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