Be our partner!

Let’s meet and create amazing projects to help people in need!

No matter if you are an individual, you represent a company, another N.G.O. or a governmental institution, if you wish to get socially involved in our initiatives, we encourage you to contact us.

We’ll set up a meeting in which we will share with you additional information about EquiLife, our programs and activities.

We could use complementary expertize, services and goods and we think that there is always something to improve, so ideas about projects and solutions are also welcomed.

Here are a few possible benefits:

  • Consolidating your status in front of your stakeholders;
  • Aligning with other companies that have developed strong CSR policies;
  • Promotion of the partnership in the media;
  • The possibility of getting to know professionals from different business areas, public authorities, or N.G.O.s with the scope of developing partnerships with various supporters.


We are looking forward to knowing you!

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