If you are working in a company or even own one, you can help us to raise the quality of people’s lives very easily, with a minimum effort from you.

The Romanian state encourages (through the Fiscal Code, Art. 21, line 4, letter p) any business that pays taxes on profit to redirect towards a non-governmental organization, a certain amount from the annual tax on profits. This value needs to accomplish simultaneously 2 simple conditions:

–       to be below 20% of the tax on profit;

–       to be below 0.3‰ of the turnover.

If the above conditions are met, the expense will be fiscally deductable – you will get a tax break for it.

This way, you can make a donation with no costs to you.


Everything should take place as follows:

1. Estimate the equivalent sum of 20% from the tax on profit until the end of the calendar year;
2. Fill in two copies of the sponsorship contract available here and send it to us (Asociația EquiLife, Str. Constantin Marinescu nr. 13,bl. V65, ap. 12, sector 5, București), signed and stamped. We’ll return to you a copy in original.
3. Your company should send the amount mentioned in the contract to EquiLife Association (IBAN RO24 RNCB 0290 1380 9367 0001, opened at BCR – Iuliu Maniu).

The reflection of the sponsorship transaction in your company’s records is made out by this entry: 6582 = 5121.

The option of redirecting a part of the tax on profit for a sponsorship does not affect the net profit of the company. In return, you will have charge over the destination of a part of the taxes you pay. That amount can help people.

We welcome you to get to know each other and to discuss more about our projects.

Art. 21, line 4, letter p, Fiscal Code:

p) the sponsorship and private scholarship expenses, according to the law: the tax payers that are offering sponsorships, according to the Law no. 32/1994 regarding sponsorships, with the subsequent alterations, and those of the Law of Libraries no. 334/2002, republished, with subsequent alterations and additions, as well as that regarding private scholarships, according to the law, are deducting from the owed tax on profit the according sums in the minimum limit specified below:
1. 20% on the owed tax on profit;
2. 3 ‰ from the turnover.
Under the same conditions are included the sponsorship expenses for the public law libraries, for building edifices, for equipment, for acquisition of information technology and specific documents, for financing of continuous librarian education, for exchanges between specialists, for specialization scholarships, for participation in international conventions.