2% – Individual donations



The 2% provision is a fiscal transparency mechanism through which you, as an individual, can redirect 2% from the revenue tax, towards a non-governmental organization, including us, EquiLife Association.

It is a good thing to use this option because:

  • It costs you nothing;
  • You can support the information, education and encouragement of the individual, family, and society towards a more balanced lifestyle. Also, you can help to promote artistic and cultural diversity, national traditions and the successful initiatives of Romanians.

FORMULAR 230  – income from wages

FORMULAR 200 – income from other sources

Please download the form relevant for you (230 – income from wages; 200 – income from other sources – leases, author rights, and so on), fill it in with your personal data and then send it, in original, at the Financial Administration you belong to (by Post, with registered mail or leave it directly to the Registry of the Financial Administration) or send it to us, EquiLife Association (Str. Constantin Marinescu nr. 13, bl. V65, ap. 12, sector 5, București, Romania) and we’ll take over.

The 230 form is already filled in with our data. You only need to fill in your personal information (point I) and sign it.

The addresses of the Fiscal Administrations can be found here. In order to find out to which Fiscal Administration you belong to, consider the home address written on your ID card.

The forms must reach the Fiscal Administration until May 25th, 2016 and, to be taken in consideration, they must be written by hand, in capital letters, legibly and correctly.

If you want to collect more forms from your friends, family, colleagues, we can come to your office and collect them all from you and we’ll be sending them to the relevant Financial Administrations. Just let us know.

If you already have a blank form, our data, necessary to be filled in the form, is:

  • Fiscal code: 32338469
  • Bank account (IBAN): RO24 RNCB 0290 1380 9367 0001

We mention that by filling in one of these forms, the Fiscal Administration takes into consideration the income you realized in 2015. Until 31st of December 2016, the Financial Administrations will centralize all the information and redirect the relevant amount towards us.

Thank you!