“Proud to Be Romanian!”, Andreea Runceanu – Manifest Song

The Amadeus violinist sang for the first time the song with the occasion of Romania’s National Day. “Proud to Be Romania” is the first step and, at the same time, the manifest for a more ample program of information dissemination and awareness augmentation that intends to help the rebirth of the pride to be Romanian, especially amongst the youth. The program is launched by EquiLife Association where Andreea is co-founder and ambassador.

“Proud to Be Romanian” is a realistic encouragement towards positive thinking, towards the acknowledgement of national values, and an appeal to the awakening of patriotism in each one of us.

Andreea’s idea behind composing this song appeared because, as the artist says, „I felt that the time of sitting around doing nothing was over and that I need to get involved if I want to see a change in good for the society I live in. Romanians don’t trust anything anymore, unfortunately not even their own roots. The image we have of ourselves, true or false, will always reflect in the eyes of those that don’t yet know us and in our actions”.

As many other Romanian artists, the violinist launched this solo project in parralel to her other engagements, not affecting the timetable of the Amadeus quartet that she is a part of for 13 years.

„Proud to Be Romanian” is composed and produced in Xenti Runceanu studio.

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