Exhibition of photography in Spain – „This is my country. Romania!”, Levi Căpătan, Sorin Onișor and Bogdan Comănescu

Afis Expo foto SpaniaEquiLife Association supported Romania’s representation in Spain through the exhibition of photography „This is my country. Romania!” of the Romanian artists Levi Căpătan, Sorin Onișor and Bogdan Comănescu. The event took place in Oviedo city, during March 23rd –Aprilie 6th, 2014, with cu vernissage on March 23rd, 2014.

In the exhibition which comprised 50 works, the three photographers brought to the public’s attention the traditions, the authenticity of rural life and the fascinating stories of the inhabitants of various lands in Romania, not only to Spanish people, but also to Romanians who remember with nostalgia their native country.

The vernissage was held on March 23rd, 2014, at Auditorio Principe Felipe, Plaza Gesta, 0, 33007 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain, where the organizers greeted their visitors with artistic moments and special guests.

The speakers of the event were: Levi Căpătan, photoghraphy artist which represented the exhibition, Antonela Pohoata – representative of the The Romanian Language Institute in Asturias , Luz Maria Sol – representative of the Principality of Asturias General Library , Inmaculada Gonzales – Chairman of the Department of Education, Libraries, Centre for Research, Youth, Water and Sanitation of the City of Oviedo .

Among the participants at the opening, were noted: Silvia Junco Martinez – Oviedo City Council member in the areas of Citizenship, Development, Immigration, Equality and Employment, and Social Centre, Juan Luis Nuñez Lopez – President of the Food Bank of Asturias Foundation, directors of schools where classes of Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization are taught. Students of these courses, under the guidance of Antonela Pohoata, performed a great artistic moment, reciting poems of the poet Mihai Eminescu, both in Romanian and Spanish.

Being nominee, in 2010, ”The Photographer of the Year”, by the Association of Photographic Artists in Romania, Sorin Onișor has a track record of more than twenty personal exhibitions of photography and over 40 collective exhibitions. Having received numerous awards in various photography contests, Sorin is also called ‘The Photographer of the Romanian village’.

Born in Caransebeș, Romania, Bogdan Comănescu started to study photography while living in Germany, but then returned to Romania to pursue his dream. With an impressive portfolio of valuable works, Bogdan exhibited both in Romania and abroad.

Together with Sorin Onișor, Bogdan organizes workshops of photography in Romania, for amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers, under the „Marea Hoinăreală”/ ”The Great Wonder” brand, with the participation of both Romanians and people from abroad who want to discover Romania through the photographic lens.

Levi Căpătan is a photographic artist from Galați, settled in Zaragoza city from Spania, who entered the photography world since more than five years ago and in 2013 participated to a workshop organized by „Marea Hoinăreală”/ ”The Great Wonder” in The Danube Delta and fell in love by landscape photography. This is the second exhibition which Levi initiated to promote its country and the Romanian values in Spain, the first one being held in Zaragoza.

The event was possible with the support of various organizations both from Spain: The Romanian Language Institute, Asturias Food Bank, Oviedo City Hall and Levi`s Photography, and also from Romania: EquiLife Association, „Marea Hoinăreală”/ ”The Great Wonder”.

We support the successful initiatives of Romanians and we are glad that Levi Căpătan promoted the Romanian beauty in Spain, through the captures in photographs of places and people in our country. Levi is an example to us all, showing that beautiful things can happen, that we have values to be proud of, ​​and Sorin Onişor and Bogdan Comănescu proved, once again, generously, providing their work for exhibition.” Gabriela Grigori , Vice – President of EquiLife Association.

EquiLife Association is a non-profit organization based in Romania, promoting, among its activities, in Romania and abroad, artistic and cultural diversity, national traditions and the successful initiatives of Romanians. The mission of the organization consists in raising the quality of life for people and their communities, through information, education and encouragement for the development of the individual, family and society, towards a balanced lifestyle.

People who wish to support the effort of the artists (Sorin Onișor, Bogdan Comănescu and Levi Căpătan) are invited to make a donation or a sponsorship in the EquiLife Association bank account: IBAN RO24 RNCB 0290 1380 9367 0001, RON, opened at BCR, Iuliu Maniu branch, specifying “Donation for …. [name of the artist]”. All the donations collected will go entirely to the artists. For more details about events, the donations/ sponsorships please contact Gabriela Grigori, Vice-President of EquiLife Association, gabriela@equilife.ro.


For any additional details:

Levi Căpătan:  +34 642 763 820; +34 678 291 556; capatan_levy@yahoo.com

Sorin Onișor: 07 23 676 130, sorin.onisor@gmail.com, www.sorinonisor.ro

Bogdan Comănescu/ Marea Hoinăreală: 0720 046 200, bogdan.comanescu@gmail.com;

Asociația Equilife: Gabriela Grigori, gabriela@equilife.ro, www.equilife.ro



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