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EQUILIFE ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization based in Romania, which promotes balance in life. EQUILIFE works to raise the quality of life for people and their communities, through information, education and encouragement for the development of the individual, family and society, towards a balanced lifestyle.

Among its activities, EquiLife Association promotes artistic and cultural diversity, national traditions and the successful initiatives of Romanians.

"We are not allowed to be spectators to what happens to us."
- Dan Puric

Exhibition in Spain

EquiLife Association supported Romania’s representation in Spain through the exhibition of photography „This is my country. Romania!” of the Romanian artists Levi Căpătan, Sorin Onișor and Bogdan Comănescu. Oviedo, March 23rd –Aprilie 6th, 2014.

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Redirect 2%

Until May, 25th 2016 you are invited to direct 2% of the revenue tax to EquiLife Association. Your support is very important for the activity of the organization, therefore we'll keep you updated about our wonderful projects and beneficiaries.

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Proud of Romania

We have a thousand reasons to be proud that we are Romanians and we’ll be sharing them to the world. EquiLife Association’s program, "Proud to be Romanian" aims to remind Romanians to believe in themselves, in their origins and values.

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Support EquiLife

We welcome you with open arms if you want to become a volunteer or you can support our work by directing a part of your personal income or part of the income tax, as legally described, if you represent a company. Any nice idea is welcome!

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