Founding Members

Cristina Ionescu

EquiLife Association President

Cristina comes from a corporate environment, with over 13 years of experience in Marketing & Communications and numerous advertising campaigns and strategies developed and implemented. Apart from her professional experience on which you can read more here, she is also a photographer, enjoys mixing colors on the canvas and being always positive.

“We believe that where there is will, there is also a solution. We know our objectives and what we want to reach. We believe that things can be done in this world and we do them. Every time we find the right answer or we have a good idea, we can hardly wait to share it with others. We are enthusiastic and we manage to make others to also believe. This is how we are.”


Gabriela Grigori

EquiLife Association Vice-President

Gabriela’s professional experience expands on a period of 11 years in the areas of marketing, P.R. and sales, during which she brought success to her employers and clients from various industries, both in the corporate and not for profit fields. You can find more details here. Gabriela is also passionate about coaching and personal development.

“We understand that all people are different and, because of that, we intend to come to their aid with solutions as tightly fitted to their needs as possible. Furthermore, our ideas and projects are always surprising and passionately implemented.”


Andreea Runceanu

EquiLife Association’s Ambassador

Andreea is our example of a balance individual. She represented Romania on a cultural level in the 13 years she has been playing violin in the Amadeus quartet, she is a mother of two children, devoted wife, and trustworthy friend. Always positive and socially active, she volunteers in youth education and motivation, supports the Romanian values, and strongly believes in family and in a balanced lifestyle.

“EquiLife came into my life exactly at the moment when I felt the need to give back to the Romanians what they have offered me during all these years of public life. We believe that each person is extraordinary and we want people to dream more and dare more. We concentrate on desires and we help people discover and fully use the power they possess inside.”